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Stepping Out of the Boat

Matthew 14:29

The title of this blog is a reference to Matthew 14:29, where Jesus invited Peter to step from the boat and trust in the Lord. My observations on this blog are designed to respond to this challenge, and to offer a vision of how Catholics can proclaim the Gospel in the public square. All Glory to God.

All opinions here are mine, and mine alone, and do not represent official statements of the Archdiocese.

Recent Blog Posts

The President’s Moral Confusion

The president, whom nobody would confuse for a moral theologian, has weighed into the issue of medical interventions for children who are suffering from confusion about their “gender identity”. His comment was about proposed state laws that would ban surgeries and hormone treatments for minors. He declared that these bills are “almost sinful”. It’s easy…

Legal Issues on Chemical Abortions

In January 2023, the FDA announced a new policy that permits a woman to obtain abortion drugs from any local pharmacy. This has precipitated a complex and often confusing battle over the laws affecting chemical abortions. Things change quickly, and there are a bunch of legal issues tangled up here – state abortion laws, limits on…

Abortion Nonsense from my Congressman

It is often said that abortion corrupts everything it touches. I saw this recently in correspondence from my Congressional representative. Jamaal Bowman’s politics are about as left-wing as you will find in Congress, and his ill-informed and irrational abortion extremism is a typical expression of that. Recently, I sent him an email in response to…

Abortion and Magical Legal Thinking

The pro-abortion bitter-enders in the legal community are continuing to thrash about in search of a magic spell that will resurrect Roe v. Wade. Their latest attempt is the absurd proposition that abortion is guaranteed by the Thirteenth Amendment. That’s right, the Civil War amendment that abolished slavery. As ridiculous as this seems, it’s still…

About Me

I am a life-long New Yorker, a graduate of Columbia College and Harvard Law School, and a former state and federal prosecutor. I am currently the Director of Public Policy and the Director of Safe Environment at the Archdiocese of New York.

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