Stepping Out of the Boat

Matthew 14:29

The title of this blog is a reference to Matthew 14:29, where Jesus invited Peter to step from the boat and trust in the Lord. My observations on this blog are designed to respond to this challenge, and to offer a vision of how Catholics can proclaim the Gospel in the public square.

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A Welcome but Disappointing Religious Freedom Victory

Today the Supreme Court finally decided the biggest religious liberty case on its docket, Fulton v. City of Philadelphia. It ruled unanimously that the City could not discriminate against a Catholic foster care agency that declined to place children with same-sex couples. This is a welcome victory, but its usefulness for future cases is limitedContinue reading “A Welcome but Disappointing Religious Freedom Victory”

What is “Eucharistic Coherence”?

We’re hearing the term “Eucharistic coherence” a lot in discussions over “pro-choice” politicians and Holy Communion. It’s a strange term of art that is not readily understandable to normal people who don’t live in a theological or clerical bubble. It sounds like an intellectual puzzle about logical consistency. In plain language, the discussion is reallyContinue reading “What is “Eucharistic Coherence”?”

Protect Children Not Criminals

New York is one of the most “progressive” states in the country, and our legislature always seems to be pushing the envelope in that direction. One of their big agenda items is “criminal justice reform”. The Church agrees with much that’s on that agenda, like parole reform, eliminating solitary confinement, greater police accountability, etc. ButContinue reading “Protect Children Not Criminals”

A Stealth Euthanasia Bill

The functionaries of the Culture of Death in New York have decided to skip right over assisted suicide and try to legalize euthanasia by starvation and dehydration. They’re doing this by a bill that would make a subtle amendment to our health care proxy law. The Current Law The current health care proxy law allowsContinue reading “A Stealth Euthanasia Bill”

About Me

I am a life-long New Yorker, a graduate of Columbia College and Harvard Law School, and a former state and federal prosecutor. I am currently the Director of Public Policy and the Director of Safe Environment at the Archdiocese of New York. All opinions here are mine, and mine alone, and do not represent official statements of the Archdiocese. All Glory to God.

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