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Capital Punishment and the Culture of Death

by Ed Mechmann The battle against the Culture of Death has many front lines. The most important, of course, is the struggle to extend full legal protection to human beings who happen to be still within their mother’s womb. Every year, more unborn children are killed in the womb than all U.S. combat deaths inContinue reading “Capital Punishment and the Culture of Death”

How Can We Love God if we Barely Know Him?

by Ed Mechmann Many of us are familiar with the popular online dating services, if only because they advertise so often. You fill our a detailed questionnaire about your interests, characteristics, etc. The service then matches you with potential dating prospects based on their prediction of your compatibility. You review their profiles and then, ifContinue reading “How Can We Love God if we Barely Know Him?”

Catholics and the Border

by Ed Mechmann There can be no real doubt that the situation on America’s southern border, particularly in Texas, has reached crisis levels. Record numbers of families have come to the border without legal authorization to enter the United States. The detention centers that house these people are overwhelmed, and a government watchdog has foundContinue reading “Catholics and the Border”