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The Way of Beauty

The recent Convocation of Catholic Leaders on The Joy of the Gospel in America was a potential turning point for our Church. The challenge presented was to move outside the methods and modes of typical Church activities in order to become vibrant missionary disciples who are energized to bring the Gospel to all, especially thoseContinue reading “The Way of Beauty”

Scurrilous Accusations Against Christians

In the current state of political discourse in the United States, it seems as if we have moved beyond the point where we can actually have rational reasonable arguments with each other. All too many people have descended back to the schoolyard, and are simply calling people names. The cause of my reflection on thisContinue reading “Scurrilous Accusations Against Christians”

The Joy of the Gospel in America

Last week, I attended the “Convocation of Catholic Leaders: The Joy of the Gospel in America”. This was an important moment in the history of the Church in America. This huge gathering in Orlando of Catholics from around the nation was attended by over 3,000 people, including over a hundred bishops and many priests, deaconsContinue reading “The Joy of the Gospel in America”

More Chaos and Injustice for Refugees

At the end of June, the Supreme Court issued a ruling in a lawsuit that challenged the Administration’s so-called “travel ban”. The Supreme Court decision would permit the Administration to impose its ban on refugees from any nation in the world for 120 days, once the quota of 50,000 refugees has been met. Since thatContinue reading “More Chaos and Injustice for Refugees”