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Preaching, Practicing, and Conversion

Last week, the Church marked the 50th anniversary of the great encyclical letter of Blessed Pope Paul VI, Humanae Vitae. This event is being commemorated by Catholics around the world who share the Holy Father’s beautiful vision of marriage and love. We are particularly noting the Holy Father’s prescience in foreseeing all the ills thatContinue reading “Preaching, Practicing, and Conversion”

The Idolatry of Abortion

Once upon a time, people who called themselves “pro-choice” insisted that nobody is really in favor of abortion, but rather they see it as a sad necessity for women who are forced to deal with an unwanted pregnancy. We even heard from President Clinton—and the First Lady—that they thought that abortion should be “safe, legalContinue reading “The Idolatry of Abortion”

Realism about the Supreme Court and Abortion

The President is about to announce his nominee to fill the newly vacant seat on the Supreme Court. That will set off a bruising confirmation battle that will stretch into September at least. The rhetoric will be heated and likely ugly, and may even include a large dose of religious intolerance. As this maelstrom kicksContinue reading “Realism about the Supreme Court and Abortion”

Cardinal McCarrick and the Integrity of the Church

The news about the sexual abuse allegations against Cardinal Theodore McCarrick has produced a great deal of heat in secular and Catholic circles, and very little light. Several online pundits have used this news to bash the Church as thoroughly corrupt. One even claimed that “of all the institutions and societies that intersect with myContinue reading “Cardinal McCarrick and the Integrity of the Church”