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More Lies from the Cult of Death

One of the consistent lies that we hear from the defenders of abortion, and particularly from the abortion industry, is that they are deeply concerned about the health of women. Yet now, Planned Parenthood has a new initiative to dispense abortion drugs after a brief video conference over the internet with a doctor.

The Battle Plan

There is a silent war going on, in the hearts of millions of men. The visible battlefield can be found in lots of places — on our computer screens, on TV, in magazines, in music, and on the streets. But the real battle is taking place right inside of us, in our hearts and souls. The battle I’m talking about is the struggle for freedom from the slavery of pornography.

A Bad Time for “Catholic” Public Officials

This has been a bad time for people who were baptized as Catholics (like Andrew Cuomo, Robert Duffy, Rick Lazio, and Nancy Pelosi) and who are now either public officials or candidates for public office, and favor legal abortion and same-sex “marriage”.