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No Thanks, We Already Have a Savior

One of the strangest media themes since the inauguration of President Biden has been the notion that he will somehow be a savior for the Catholic Church in America. Don’t laugh – this is actually being talked about. Of course, this supposedly stems from the precise points on which the president speaks and acts inContinue reading “No Thanks, We Already Have a Savior”

Abortion and the Corruption of Law

On this anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion, it’s important for people to understand how badly abortion has corrupted the basic principles of our Constitution. Abortion corrupts everything it touches. Sin has that effect – it’s contagious and ruins everything it can reach.   Personhood and Roe The start of itContinue reading “Abortion and the Corruption of Law”

The Purification of the Pro-Life Movement

A new administration is about to take office in Washington. It is completely committed to advancing the pro-abortion agenda. So it is imperative that the pro-life movement do some serious self-analysis to determine our current state of health and how we can proceed most effectively to defend human life. In my view, our movement isContinue reading “The Purification of the Pro-Life Movement”

An Appeal to the Better Angels of Our Nature

Yesterday was a date that will live in shameful memory. A violent insurrection invaded a sacred place for our nation and desecrated it. There will certainly be political consequences for those whose actions led to this crime, particularly the president and his close allies. This event cannot be considered outside of its larger context. ForContinue reading “An Appeal to the Better Angels of Our Nature”