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Disrespect For Marriage and Religious Liberty

The Senate has now passed the so-called “Respect for Marriage Act” – an Orwellian name if there ever was one. Not only does the bill disrespect real marriage, it also shows no respect for religious liberty. To understand why, we first have to ignore the gushy media reports about how this bill “enshrines gay marriageContinue reading “Disrespect For Marriage and Religious Liberty”

It Was Worth It

How abortion played in the election is being analyzed by pundits from every angle. Much of that commentary is marked by confirmation bias – people look for evidence that merely confirms their pre-existing positions. From my perspective, the election results are interesting, but not really significant. What matters more than anything else is that RoeContinue reading “It Was Worth It”

Making a Catholic Voting Decision

I am a Catholic who is very serious about both politics and following the guidance of our bishops. So I want to vote with a clear Catholic conscience. I’d like to show how the Church’s teaching helps me decide how to vote, in case this will help others make their own decision. Forming My ConscienceContinue reading “Making a Catholic Voting Decision”