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The Governor Isn’t an Absolute Monarch

Throughout the COVID epidemic, there have been important arguments about the proper extent of public health measures designed to prevent further spread of the disease. Certainly, the authorities have to be given wide latitude in protecting the public health. But all of their policies necessarily involve a balancing act to determine how much restriction ofContinue reading “The Governor Isn’t an Absolute Monarch”

Celebrating the Rule of Law

Imagine that we were founding the United States in 2020 and had to craft a fundamental law that addressed the current situation. We’ve seen all kinds of restrictions on freedom of association and movement, arbitrary and shifting limits on religious worship, crushing regulation of economic activity, rampant conspiracy theories and challenges to election results, threatsContinue reading “Celebrating the Rule of Law”

Thoughts About Election Challenges

We are over a month past the presidential election, and the result is still being hotly disputed. Many people I know are passionately convinced that the election was not fair and that President Trump was robbed. Like them, I have no desire to see Mr. Biden as president. But it’s very clear to me thatContinue reading “Thoughts About Election Challenges”

You Vote for a Candidate but You Elect an Administration

With all the attention that we pay to the presidential election, it is crucial to remember a key point that usually gets lost in the static. We may cast a vote for a president, but we actually elect an administration. Agencies are Where the Action Is This is absolutely essential to bear in mind, becauseContinue reading “You Vote for a Candidate but You Elect an Administration”