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Questions for the Newest Supreme Court Nominee

The confirmation hearings for the newly-nominated Supreme Court Justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson, have begun in the Senate Judiciary Committee. I never watch these kinds of hearings because they are really just political theater. I also find the incompetence and witlessness of the senators to be infuriating. The Pointlessness of Confirmation Hearings Supreme Court nominees specializeContinue reading “Questions for the Newest Supreme Court Nominee”

Abortion Law Itself Depends on ‘Vigilante’ ‘Private Attorneys General’

(This post originally appeared at the Human Life Review’s “Newsworthy” blog.) The Washington Post’s critique of the Texas Heartbeat Law misses this irony. One person’s “vigilante” is another person’s “private attorney general.” It all depends on whose side you’re on. An interesting opinion piece disguised as a news analysis appeared in the Washington Post last week. ItContinue reading “Abortion Law Itself Depends on ‘Vigilante’ ‘Private Attorneys General’”