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Why We Support Unpopular Religious Objections

Why do we defend religious liberty when the cause is unpopular?  When we disagree with it? When it makes us look bad in public opinion? Governments and employers are imposing COVID vaccine mandates, and some people are seeking religious exemptions. Popular opinion is strongly in favor of the mandates, and there is a lot ofContinue reading “Why We Support Unpopular Religious Objections”

Goodbye to a Terrible Governor

Now that Governor Cuomo has finally left office, it’s worth remembering that his entire tenure was lamentable. Let’s look at some of the low-lights. Never Enough Abortion According to the most recent official statistics from 2018, here are some numbers about abortion in our state: 72,548 — the total number of abortions in New YorkContinue reading “Goodbye to a Terrible Governor”

Two Weddings and the Bride of Christ

Within the last week, I had the privilege of attending two beautiful wedding ceremonies. One was the marriage of two wonderful young people. The other was the profession of final vows by six Sisters of Life. These events have enormous significance for the people involved, everyone who knows them – and especially for the ChurchContinue reading “Two Weddings and the Bride of Christ”