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The Horror of Sexual Exploitation

On September 28, I attended an important event at the United Nations entitled “The Trade in Minors in the Digital Age: Waking up the World to the Dire Need to Stop Trafficking in Children, Child Sexual Exploitation and Child Pornography”. It was sponsored by Group of Friends United Against Human Trafficking (a multi-national group formedContinue reading “The Horror of Sexual Exploitation”

Human Rights Failure at Fordham Law School

The United Nations General Assembly has been holding its annual session, with this year’s theme being “Focusing on People: Striving for peace and a decent life on a sustainable planet.” The notion of “focusing on people” naturally brings to mind the struggle to protect the fundamental human rights of everyone on our planet. Human rights,Continue reading “Human Rights Failure at Fordham Law School”

Zero Tolerance for Abuse

[I was invited to submit an op-ed to the Catholic News Agency about important remarks the Holy Father made about child protection, stressing that the laity must be held to the same zero tolerance policy as the clergy. The article appeared here and with their permission I’m reposting it here. I should stress that theContinue reading “Zero Tolerance for Abuse”

The Costs of Political Ignorance

September 17 is the 230th anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution. That document, in addition to being our governing text, is one of the greatest accomplishment of political and legal thinking and writing. Its endurance through such a long and troubled history, and its significance as a model for other nations thatContinue reading “The Costs of Political Ignorance”

A Great Victory for Life

The New York State Court of Appeals has unanimously upheld our state ban on assisted suicide. The decision is a tremendous victory for life, and will strengthen our efforts to hold off legislation that seeks to legalize assisted suicide. The lawsuit involved was filed by persons who had terminal illnesses and several doctors. They arguedContinue reading “A Great Victory for Life”

Betraying the Dream

The President has announced that his Administration will end the program known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. This was put into effect in 2012 by President Obama. The recipients of DACA are frequently called “dreamers” after the Dream Act, a bill that would have established the program by statute, but whichContinue reading “Betraying the Dream”

Liberated by the Truth

I recently was asked to give a class on gender ideology. I’ve written about this┬ámany times before, but I was once again struck by how nonsensical gender theory is. It is a soup of very strange ideas — my biological sex is irrelevant to my self-determined “gender identity”, the “male/female binary” is oppressive and mustContinue reading “Liberated by the Truth”