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The Church Clears Up Gender Confusion

What do an Ivy League swimmer and a Jesuit priest have in common? A sad confusion about the nature of the human person and the truth about human sexuality. First Consider the Swimmer In the last few months, there has been a surprising amount of attention being paid to a fairly obscure area of AmericanContinue reading “The Church Clears Up Gender Confusion”

Arizona Bill Reveals New Frontiers in Abortion Litigation

[This article was first published at the Human Life Review’s “Newsworthy” page. Please subscribe to and follow the Human Life Review, an indispensable source of pro-life information.] Pro-life legislative activism on the state level is heating up in advance of the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health. One bill that’s moving forwardContinue reading “Arizona Bill Reveals New Frontiers in Abortion Litigation”

Synod not Schism

The Holy Father has called for the entire Church to conduct what is being called a “Synod on Synodality“. Most normal people don’t speak Vatican-ese, which is a strange blend of bureaucratic jargon and Church-inside-baseball. But it actually is easily understood once it is translated into ordinary language. And a proper understanding of this processContinue reading “Synod not Schism”