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A True Understanding of Sexual Identity

Having written a number of blogs about the nonsense of gender ideology, it’s only fair that I outline the true vision of sexuality presented by the Church. It’s very important to understand at the outset that this vision is part of a coherent system of thought about human nature — anthropology in the real sense.Continue reading “A True Understanding of Sexual Identity”

Irrationality, Magical Thinking, and Gender Ideology

The drive to enforce universal acceptance of gender ideology is accellerating in our country. Government action, coupled with cultural propaganda, is seeking to transform our understanding of the nature of the human person as male and female. I have been having a number of discussions about this with my friend and colleague, Alexis Carra. SheContinue reading “Irrationality, Magical Thinking, and Gender Ideology”

More Gender Ideology Madness

It is axiomatic that a sound understanding of the nature of the human person is essential to a rational system of morality and public policy. The converse of that principle is equally true: an incoherent misunderstanding of the nature of the human person leads to nonsensical morality and public policy. The best evidence for thisContinue reading “More Gender Ideology Madness”

The Dangerous Falsehood of Transgenderism

Recent news has once again brought to the forefront the issue of “transgenderism”.  This phenomenon is based on something called “gender theory”, and it is a critical issue that far transcends arguments about who can use which bathroom. Society is being pressured to accept something about the very nature of the human person that isContinue reading “The Dangerous Falsehood of Transgenderism”