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Liberated by the Truth

I recently was asked to give a class on gender ideology. I’ve written about this┬ámany times before, but I was once again struck by how nonsensical gender theory is. It is a soup of very strange ideas — my biological sex is irrelevant to my self-determined “gender identity”, the “male/female binary” is oppressive and mustContinue reading “Liberated by the Truth”

A True Understanding of Sexual Identity

Having written a number of blogs about the nonsense of gender ideology, it’s only fair that I outline the true vision of sexuality presented by the Church. It’s very important to understand at the outset that this vision is part of a coherent system of thought about human nature — anthropology in the real sense.Continue reading “A True Understanding of Sexual Identity”

We Need to Talk Frankly

On April 19, the Governor of Utah signed a resolution, which had been passed by a unanimous legislature, declaring pornography to be a public health crisis. The evidence supporting that conclusion is massive, and unequivocal. So why aren’t we talking about it more? Pornography is ubiquitous in our society, and exposure to porn is virtuallyContinue reading “We Need to Talk Frankly”