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An Abortion Clinic in Your Neighborhood

How many people know that there can be an abortion clinic in virtually every neighborhood? When we usually think of abortion clinics, we think of Planned Parenthood centers or abortionists’ operations, which usually center in poor and minority neighborhoods. But now, thanks to the Food and Drug Administration, there could be an abortion clinic whereverContinue reading “An Abortion Clinic in Your Neighborhood”

Disrespect For Marriage and Religious Liberty

The Senate has now passed the so-called “Respect for Marriage Act” – an Orwellian name if there ever was one. Not only does the bill disrespect real marriage, it also shows no respect for religious liberty. To understand why, we first have to ignore the gushy media reports about how this bill “enshrines gay marriageContinue reading “Disrespect For Marriage and Religious Liberty”

Judicial Contempt for Religious Liberty

When judges take office, they must first take an oath to support the U.S. Constitution. New York state judges further swear that they will support the state constitution. These are solemn undertakings. But it is increasingly clear that some judges forswear their oaths and treat constitutional guarantees of religious liberty with contempt. There is noContinue reading “Judicial Contempt for Religious Liberty”

The Inequality of the “Equality Amendment”

When does “equality” really mean “inequality”? When New York progressives put forward a proposed amendment to the state constitution called the “Equality Amendment”. Despite its idealistic name, the goal and result of this amendment would treat religious freedom as a second-class right. To understand this, we first need to take a step back and lookContinue reading “The Inequality of the “Equality Amendment””

Why We Support Unpopular Religious Objections

Why do we defend religious liberty when the cause is unpopular?  When we disagree with it? When it makes us look bad in public opinion? Governments and employers are imposing COVID vaccine mandates, and some people are seeking religious exemptions. Popular opinion is strongly in favor of the mandates, and there is a lot ofContinue reading “Why We Support Unpopular Religious Objections”

A Welcome but Disappointing Religious Freedom Victory

Today the Supreme Court finally decided the biggest religious liberty case on its docket, Fulton v. City of Philadelphia. It ruled unanimously that the City could not discriminate against a Catholic foster care agency that declined to place children with same-sex couples. This is a welcome victory, but its usefulness for future cases is limitedContinue reading “A Welcome but Disappointing Religious Freedom Victory”

The Abortion Extremism of the Equality Act

Most of the attention being paid to the so-called Equality Act has focused on its ostensible main purpose – to eliminate discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. I have already outlined reasons to oppose the bill in general, both because of the irrationality of gender ideology and in particular because ofContinue reading “The Abortion Extremism of the Equality Act”

The False and Dangerous Equality Act

George Orwell gave us the famous phrase that exposed the hypocrisy of totalitarian regimes: “some pigs are more equal than others.” He also gave us the term “newspeak” to describe the perversion of language so that truth is replaced by a lie. We can see both of these at work in the so-called Equality ActContinue reading “The False and Dangerous Equality Act”

The Governor Isn’t an Absolute Monarch

Throughout the COVID epidemic, there have been important arguments about the proper extent of public health measures designed to prevent further spread of the disease. Certainly, the authorities have to be given wide latitude in protecting the public health. But all of their policies necessarily involve a balancing act to determine how much restriction ofContinue reading “The Governor Isn’t an Absolute Monarch”

You Vote for a Candidate but You Elect an Administration

With all the attention that we pay to the presidential election, it is crucial to remember a key point that usually gets lost in the static. We may cast a vote for a president, but we actually elect an administration. Agencies are Where the Action Is This is absolutely essential to bear in mind, becauseContinue reading “You Vote for a Candidate but You Elect an Administration”