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Two Weddings and the Bride of Christ

Within the last week, I had the privilege of attending two beautiful wedding ceremonies. One was the marriage of two wonderful young people. The other was the profession of final vows by six Sisters of Life. These events have enormous significance for the people involved, everyone who knows them – and especially for the ChurchContinue reading “Two Weddings and the Bride of Christ”

The Way Forward on Marriage and Family

The dust has now settled a bit after the tumultuous Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family.  Viewed from afar, the two-week meeting of bishops was filled with fascinating stories, from allegations of internal intrigue to the emergence of the African bishops as major players in the universal Church.  Western news sources, of course, fixated on their favoriteContinue reading “The Way Forward on Marriage and Family”

The Manhattan Declaration Challenges and Rallies Us

On Wednesday evening, September 25, an amazing event was held on the campus of Columbia University, “The Manhattan Declaration Returns Home”. The Manhattan Declaration is the ecumenical statement of conscience by Christian leaders, dedicating themselves to defending life, marriage, and religious liberty.  It was signed in 2009 by numerous leading figures of every Christian denominationContinue reading “The Manhattan Declaration Challenges and Rallies Us”

The Supreme Court Casts Us Beyond the Pale

Our black-robed Platonic guardian rulers on the United States Supreme Court have now decreed that the federal government — the democratically-elected Congress and the President, that is — may not define the word “marriage” to mean what it always has meant, and always been understood to mean.  Our entire legal history and tradition, dating backContinue reading “The Supreme Court Casts Us Beyond the Pale”