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“Pride” and Anti-Catholic Bigotry

Can you name a group in America that can be targeted with hateful rhetoric and conduct, with complete impunity? It’s Catholics, of course. The endurance of anti-Catholic bigotry is one of the truly amazing phenomena in American history. We are so far past the Know Nothings, Nativists, and the Jack Chick era. Yet hatred ofContinue reading ““Pride” and Anti-Catholic Bigotry”

The Clean Slate Act Endangers Children

New York legislators have been pushing hard for “criminal justice reform”. Much of that agenda makes sense. But sometimes it goes too far and instead creates serious dangers to public safety – and particularly to children. A bill that may soon pass is a perfect example. It is called the “Clean Slate Act” (S.211/A.1029). ItsContinue reading “The Clean Slate Act Endangers Children”

Timeliness and the Texas Abortion Pill Case

In my last post, I discussed the legal issue of “standing” in the abortion pill lawsuit in Texas – whether the pro-life plaintiff doctors and organizations are able to sue the FDA. The issue of whether the lawsuit is timely is also at the heart of the case. Since my last post, the case hasContinue reading “Timeliness and the Texas Abortion Pill Case”

Standing and the Texas Abortion Pill Case

Pro-lifers are applauding the recent decision by a federal district court in Texas to ban the abortion pill mifepristone. But the celebration is premature. The decision has many legal problems, there’s a significant chance it won’t survive appellate scrutiny, and a final decision is far in the future. The lawsuit, entitled Alliance for Hippocratic MedicineContinue reading “Standing and the Texas Abortion Pill Case”

The President’s Moral Confusion

The president, whom nobody would confuse for a moral theologian, has weighed into the issue of medical interventions for children who are suffering from confusion about their “gender identity”. His comment was about proposed state laws that would ban surgeries and hormone treatments for minors. He declared that these bills are “almost sinful”. It’s easyContinue reading “The President’s Moral Confusion”

Legal Issues on Chemical Abortions

In January 2023, the FDA announced a new policy that permits a woman to obtain abortion drugs from any local pharmacy. This has precipitated a complex and often confusing battle over the laws affecting chemical abortions. Things change quickly, and there are a bunch of legal issues tangled up here – state abortion laws, limits onContinue reading “Legal Issues on Chemical Abortions”

Abortion Nonsense from my Congressman

It is often said that abortion corrupts everything it touches. I saw this recently in correspondence from my Congressional representative. Jamaal Bowman’s politics are about as left-wing as you will find in Congress, and his ill-informed and irrational abortion extremism is a typical expression of that. Recently, I sent him an email in response toContinue reading “Abortion Nonsense from my Congressman”

Abortion and Magical Legal Thinking

The pro-abortion bitter-enders in the legal community are continuing to thrash about in search of a magic spell that will resurrect Roe v. Wade. Their latest attempt is the absurd proposition that abortion is guaranteed by the Thirteenth Amendment. That’s right, the Civil War amendment that abolished slavery. As ridiculous as this seems, it’s stillContinue reading “Abortion and Magical Legal Thinking”

New York’s Pathological Abortion Fixation

As New Yorkers, it’s easy to become inured to how bad abortion is in our state. “Well, it’s New York”, people say with a shrug. But it’s actually important for us to be reminded of how terrible it really is here, and how our public officials are pathologically fixated on increasing, facilitating, and encouraging abortion.Continue reading “New York’s Pathological Abortion Fixation”

An Abortion Clinic in Your Neighborhood

How many people know that there can be an abortion clinic in virtually every neighborhood? When we usually think of abortion clinics, we think of Planned Parenthood centers or abortionists’ operations, which usually center in poor and minority neighborhoods. But now, thanks to the Food and Drug Administration, there could be an abortion clinic whereverContinue reading “An Abortion Clinic in Your Neighborhood”