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The Equality Act and the Battle for Reality

The debate over the Equality Act has largely focused on religious liberty concerns and pragmatic issues like access to same-sex bathrooms and sports. But gender ideology is much more ambitious and dangerous. It is seeking to redefine what it means to be human – trying to re-make reality into its distorted vision. That’s why weContinue reading “The Equality Act and the Battle for Reality”

The Abortion Extremism of the Equality Act

Most of the attention being paid to the so-called Equality Act has focused on its ostensible main purpose – to eliminate discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. I have already outlined reasons to oppose the bill in general, both because of the irrationality of gender ideology and in particular because ofContinue reading “The Abortion Extremism of the Equality Act”

The False and Dangerous Equality Act

George Orwell gave us the famous phrase that exposed the hypocrisy of totalitarian regimes: “some pigs are more equal than others.” He also gave us the term “newspeak” to describe the perversion of language so that truth is replaced by a lie. We can see both of these at work in the so-called Equality ActContinue reading “The False and Dangerous Equality Act”

The Inequality of the “Equality Amendment”

When does “equality” really mean “inequality”? When New York progressives put forward a proposed amendment to the state constitution called the “Equality Amendment”. Despite its idealistic name, the goal and result of this amendment would treat religious freedom as a second-class right. To understand this, we first need to take a step back and lookContinue reading “The Inequality of the “Equality Amendment””

Speaking About Social Justice and Inequality

In this political season, we have heard much about “inequality” and “social justice” from the candidates in the Democratic primaries. These are certainly subjects worth talking about. Let’s do so. In 1972, the Court of Appeals of New York State said the following: “The Constitution does not confer or require legal personality for the unborn”.Continue reading “Speaking About Social Justice and Inequality”